Apr 10, 2009

Son of Ran - A Tribute to Sky City Album Review

The sickest free LP you've never heard, A Tribute to Sky City, dropped in 2006 in order to get Son of Ran some recognition which definitely worked out in his favor. The teacher/writer has stepped up his lyrics and flow from previous projects, now combining forces with talented producers Freddie Joachim, Supa Koopa, and DJ Pauze. All the beats sound great together and the album is very solid from start to finish.

Pauze is the first to showcase his skills with "The S.O." the album's intro, a hard hitting track that begs to be played in the ride with bass on high. Ran splits this beat with his laser-precision flow and wordplay. The next two tracks are a little more laid back and jazzy, Freddie Joachim contributes strongly with "Can I?" and "Brief Soul". Unlike his previous work with Memphis Reigns, Son of Ran comes through more confident and ready to tear up the quality beats he's been blessed with.

The album stays on point with "The Professor" and "Second Wind", two bangers from Supa Koopa. The strongest track though is "Street Science", a thumping contribution from DJ Pauze that might give you goosebumps. Production is very well done and Ran completes the formula with his sharp lyrical skill.

You can download Sky City here for free. This was made to get Son of Ran's name out so pass it to your friends, burn some CD's and get this playin in your ride. You won't regret a second.

Rating: 9/10
Favorite Line: "This in particular is mind elevation, I designed what I'm sayin with my eyes dilated / Call it extracurricular to lecture a class about life in the fast lane vehicular crash to pass / We don't ask that you stick to your math, in fact, there's no prerequisite that said you had to listen to rap." from the track "The Professor".
Author's Notes: Best free album I've ever heard. This could have sold a ton, but Ran took the other route and banked for his future. Now it's very bright, recently releasing an album with the Messenger crew which is almost as good as this, but not quite! This is sharp and on point throughout.. don't sleep!

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  1. this album is epic!! soundtrack to my life!!