Apr 1, 2009

Electric - Life's A Struggle Album Review

Throughout the blunder of commercial "hip-hop" (which should really be categorized as mainstream rap) and headache-inducing choruses about clubs and rims, you might find yourself hoping for an escape, a breath of fresh air, trying to find music that doesn't make you feel like you should be wearing a helmet listening to it.
The answer is in your local used record store, under E.
Flip back till you see Life's a Struggle and purchase that wax (or plastic)!

Now you're tuned into the wonderful sounds of Electric, smooth Chicago hiphop that brings insightful lyrics, jazzy mellow beats, and a collective of talented artists together into one short but sweet album. The group is comprised of Dagha, Insight The Truncator
(producer/MC and founder of Electric), Raheem Jamal, Moe Pope (from Mission), and Anonymous. This is an impressive bunch of artists but you wouldn't have guessed before they released this LP.

The album starts out with a cool, jazzy intro, then blasts you into "Can't Stop", a four and half minute pure hip-hop cypher that starts with a nice Gangstarr sample and ends with you knowing that each emcee has skills, and that you're headed down the right path with the dope production you're hearing.
Note: No choruses needed.

Standout tracks on the album include the title track "Life is a Struggle", "Respect Life", and the on point "Late Show". Since the runtime is just over thirty minutes, you'll have to put this one on repeat but you'll be happy - there isn't a moment wasted, no tracks to skip over or weak emcees to fast forward. This is 100% real hiphop with a jazzy touch that'll leave you on a positive note. Good cd to throw on anytime.

My Rating: 9/10
Favorite line: "My enemy is not decided by the president or news coverage transmitted to your residence / Brainwash your thoughts through your dummy box, it's just like you're smokin funny rocks / Deplete your money stocks" from the track "Can't Stop".
Author's notes: Production by Insight is extremely well done on this CD, one of the easier things to overlook since there's so many emcees and so little time to showcase all their skills. Electric did a great job of meshing all the artists strengths and collaborating to make a great album. For more information see insight.fm

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