Apr 28, 2009

Shad - The Old Prince

If you haven't heard of Canada's dopest, then you're welcome in advance. The Old Prince kicks off a surely bright future for one of the game's brightest talents. Whether clowning on YouTube videos or simply killing any beat he stumbles upon, Shad is clearly one of the leaders of hip hop's newest movement.

The funk/jazz/soul infused album is strong throughout, and can be listened to all the way through. While it's not immediately apparent that this is a drop-dead classic (which it may be), Shad makes sure his talent catches your eye. If you have any understanding of good music, you'll appreciate everything The Old Prince has to offer. Like I said, you should just listen through everything, but my favorite tracks are:
- I Don't Like To
- Now a Daze (The CLASSIC)
- Compromise

Upon first listen, you'll immediately realize that Shad is an extremely intelligent, witty and funny guy. All of this is evident through his humor infused wordplay and upbeat, effortless flow. It's impossible not to like this guy. He's def somebody most people can relate to, especially considering your typical listener is vastly different from the majority of those who were involved in the Golden Age movement of the mid-90's, where the humorous topics still held a more serious undertone.

...continued later