Apr 28, 2009

Blu & Exile: Below the Heavens

I remember listening to this album for the first time two years ago. Vividly remember it; Remember thinking I was hearing something special. A new era of hip hop was born with this album.

The album begins strongly and hooks you immediately. Blu comes hard from the start, talking about issues such as money, commercialism, the 9 to 5, women, the ills of the rap game, drugs, youthful struggles and spiritual journeys. The unique part is, Blu’s style allows you to connect to him, but still feel and respect his story. Unlike most rappers, he does it with a certain humbleness that you can understand and identify with. His intricate flow, thick wordplay and thoughtful lyricism fill this classic album throughout.

There are too many good tracks to name them all individually. Just listen to everything; multiple times. Here are my favorites though:
- So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)
- Dancing in the Rain
- The World Is (below the heavens…)

Good music gets better over time. This album gets better every time I listen to it. With Exile on the boards, you know there’s gonna be dope beats. With Blu, you’ve got an emcee who shows that he is, arguably, the best on the planet. This is MOS DEF a classic. I know you have $10! The beginning of the New Era! I’m tellin’ you.

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